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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Vol. 10, No. 1, March 2009

Entrepreneurial Businesses In The Past- And Post-Millennial Knowledge Management Eras: A Comparative Study, Haris Papoutsakis

A Practical Approach To Implementing Knowledge Management, James A. Albers

Considering Participant Motivation In Knowledge Management Projects, Allen Whittom, Marie-Christine Roy

Inhibitors And Enhancers To Knowledge Sharing: Lessons From The Voluntary Sector, Gillian Ragsdell

A Trust-Based Model For Knowledge Sharing In ERP Adopting Organizations, Asghar Moshabbaki, Sa'eed Jaha'nyan

Is There A Relationship Between Knowledge Sharing Practice And The Quality Of Service Delivery? A Case Study In Three Government Agencies In Malaysia, Zawiyah M. Yusof, Mohd Bakhari Ismail

Communities Of Practice: The Source Of Competitive Advantage In Organisations, Jennifer Anne Jerome Anthony, Siti Norazwa bt Rosman, Uchenna Cyril Eze, Gerald Goh Guan Gan

The Knowledge Managerís Role And Tasks For Supply Chain Management Success, Pietro De Giovanni

A Review On Knowledge Management Discipline, Mostafa Jafari, Peyman Akhavan, Ashraf Mortezaei

ICT-Driven Knowledge Economy In Bangladesh: Issues And Constraints, Mohammed S. Chowdhury, Zahurul Alam

A Framework For The Selection Of Knowledge Mapping Techniques, Mostafa Jafari, Peyman Akhavan, Atieh Bourouni, Roozbeh Hesam Amiri

Implementing Knowledge Management Knowledge Mapping, Matrix And Supports, Viju Mathew, Mary Kavitha

Lessons Learned: A Practical Approach, Ofer Pharhi

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