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Since the mid-1980's TLA has been at the forefront in the development with its clients of Leadership for complex global business environments, and the design and implementation of critical organizational performance-enhancement initiatives such as Sustainability, Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Organizational Learning. TLA's Staff Consultants and/or Associates have the theoretical and operational know-how to ensure your success in these and other important areas - why not contact us to explore how we might help you?


Social Solidarity Networks

The Social Economy comprises a range of organizations from the market, community, voluntary and social sectors that establish innovative partnerships to open up spaces between and within the public, private and “third” sectors for co-constructing policy. TLA's Staff Consultants and/or Associates assist Social Economy entities to engage one another in forming solidarity networks that participate in and shape policy development and patterns of consumption and production to influence a range of issues, including climate change, that benefit individuals nationally and internationally.

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Open Source e-Journals

In  1998 TLA began publication of the open source Journal of Knowledge Management Practice (ranked in 2008 as the 8th best among the twenty best Knowledge Management journals worldwide and ranked 7th in 2009). TLA has now begun to publish a portfolio of open source  e-journals in topic areas where the company has an established  practice.

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