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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Vol. 10, No. 2, June 2009

What Individual-level Antecedents Influence Knowledge Management Effectiveness? Liang-Chu Chen

Three Dimensional Knowledge Management And Explicit Knowledge Reuse, O. K. Harsh

The Quest For The Effectiveness Of Knowledge Creation, Hafid Agourram

Knowledge Management For 21st Century Information Professionals, Priti Jain

Translating Tacit Medical Knowledge Into Explicit Knowledge, Sachiko Iwai, Fukuya Ishino

Rethinking Resource Scarcity: The Need For A New Paradigm In Economics, António Eduardo Martins, Felipa Lopes dos Reis

Distributed Software Development Based On 24hrkf Of Knowledge Integration And Knowledge Diffusion: Motivation And Recent Developments, Huosong Xia, Amar Gupta

Effective Content Organization Of A Portal, Moria Levy

Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Sharing Tools In An Eastern European Consultancy, Sara Bocaneanu

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