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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Vol. 12, No. 1, March 2011

Online Knowledge Sharing in Institutes of Higher Learning: A Malaysian Perspective, Farkhondeh Hassandoust, Vimala Perumal

Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management: An Exploratory Review for Research in Knowing the Knower, Shahrinaz Ismail, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad

The Adoption Of Knowledge Management Standards And Frameworks In The Australian Government Sector, Sally Burford, Stuart Ferguson

A Study Of Tacit Knowledge Management In The Public Sector, Wen-Bing Gau

Knowledge & Learning At The New Frontier: A Case Study In An Emerging Market, David A Griffiths

KM Strategies (Part 1): Key To Change And Development In Business, Viju Mathew

A Taxonomical Account Of Knowledge Creation In Organizations: Research Directions, Pamela C. Izunwanne

The Role Of Knowledge Management In Product Development Performance: A Review, Poh Kiat Ng, Gerald Guan Gan Goh, Uchenna Cyril Eze

A Practical KM 3.0 System Model With Semantic Web 3.0 Technology, Te Fu Chen

Knowledge Management: An Implementation Of K-Portal In Fiit, Unisel, Nur Razia Mohd Suradi, Hema Subramaniam

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