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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Volume 4, 2003

Trends In Corporate Knowledge Asset Protection, Jeffrey Alstete, February 2003

To Facilitate Or Intervene - A Study of Knowledge Management Practice In SME Networks, Johan Magnusson, Andrew Nilsson, February 2003

Epistemology And Knowledge Management Concepts And Practices, Nicholas Allix, April 2003

Knowledge Sharing And Organisational Learning: The Impact Of Social Architecture At Ordnance Survey, Graeme Smith, Deborah Blackman, Brian Good, May 2003

Choosing Your Knowledge Management Strategy, Knox Haggie, John Kingston, June 2003

Knowledge Management And The Innovation Process: The Eco-Innovation Model, James Albers, Steve Brewer, June 2003

Size Is Important In Knowledge Management, Morgan Henrie, Oliver Hedgepeth, August 2003

Use Of Ontologies To Enhance The Design Of A Framework For Multi-Party Collaboration And Decision Making: The Case Of Situation Room Analysis, Bob Roberts, Adamantios Koumpis, September 2003

How To Make Knowledge Management A Firm's Core Capability, Abdelkader Daghfous, October 2003

An Autonomous Perpetual Mechanism For Collective Knowledge Work That Redefines Knowledge Management, Raj Kumar, December 2003

Natural Language And The Problem Of Modeling Knowledge, Steve McKinley, December 2003

Legacy Systems: Must History Repeat Itself?, Dennis Kulonda, Mohammed Arif, Jennifer Luce, December 2003

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