Dr. Leonardo Pineda Serna  

Economist, (Ph.D) Cum Laudae, University of Goettingen, Federal Republic of Germany. Industrial Engineer Honoris Causa awarded by the National School of Engineers of Metz, ENIM, France.

Leonardo is  a Former CEO of Qubit Cluster Technology Based Consortium (www.qubitcluster.com). He is a Member of the Iberian American Community of Knowledge Systems, Monterrey, México (http://www.sistemasdeconocimiento.org), and the Cartagena Network of Engineering, France (www.cartagena-engineering-network.org), as well as Member of the Expert Group on technological forecasting TECHCAST of Georgetown University, Washington, headed by Professor William Halal. Leonardo is also Honorary Member of the Colombia Digital Corporation, a private-public initiative to strengthen the use and application of ICT in the Colombian society. Leonardo was formerly Vice-President for Cooperation and Development of the Colombian Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Leonardo is International Consultant on Strategic Management of Technology, Innovation and Knowledge and MBA guest professor at several national and international universities. He is an expert on the consulting process with the goal of determining the World's Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCi) in its 2008 edition. He is keynote speaker to various international forums on issues related to technology clusters, innovation poles, and knowledge enterprises. He has extensive international experience in technical cooperation projects for international organizations at UNIDO in Vienna, Austria, FAO, and the IADB.

The following methodologies have personally been developed and applied by Leonardo in several developing countries:

Ø       MapTec™, Technological Mapping to identify the gaps between processes and technologies in SME and the World state of the art.

Ø       PTesT™, Strategic Technology Plans, to close the gaps identified in the technological mapping.

Ø       Compstrac©. Competitiveness Strategies for the incubation of technology based clusters. Developed jointly with Professor Carlos Scheel, from EGADE, ITESM, Monterrey, México.

Ø       PROVATEC methodology to assess the project priorities using the logical framework.

Ø       INNORADAR, methodology to identify the R&D+ innovation capabilities of the organizations.

Ø       QC TIES: Technological Innovation Evaluation System, holistic approach to determine SME technological innovation capacity for new products, processes and services.

Ø       Imio Index to determine the organizational intelligence memory for knowledge management in the organizations. Joint undertaken between Qubit Cluster and Mondragón Innovation and Knowledge: MIK. Bilbao Spain.