Dr. Angela Espinosa

Angela was born in Bogota, Colombia and graduated as a computer and systems engineer in 1981 from Los Andes University. She worked originally as an Information Systems Manager, in private and public enterprises, and then as the Director of the Secretariat of Information and Systems of the Colombian President's Office (1990 – 1992). In 1995 she graduated from a Ph D from Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK on Organisational Cybernetics and Strategic Information Management.

From 1993 to 2002, she taught systems and cybernetics in Los Andes University and provided consultancy for both the private and public sectors. She led projects involving the restructuring of national auditing practices, the application of systems tools to national educational and environmental policies, and the introduction of participation in political systems. Since 2002 she has been researching and teaching with Hull Business School. She has published several papers, book chapters, edited special issues and act as a reviewer on international journals.

In 2002 her work on cybernetics was recognised when Vienna University and the International Federation of Systems Sciences awarded her the prestigious Ashby Lecture. She received an ‘Outstanding Paper Award’ from Emerald Literati in 2007 and the Norbert Wiener Award from Kybernetes: The International Journal in Systems and Cybernetics, in 2007. In 2007 she was also awarded an EPSRC research fellowship for two (three year) research projects on Emergence and Complexity, focused on issues of complexity management and self-organisation with applications in sustainable communities and transition management.