Deborah Huisken

Deborah Huisken, BA-Hons, CPCC, PCC, helps business leaders become the fully-formed stars they are capable of being via executive and leadership coaching, and facilitating experiential leadership development experiences. By applying creativity and intuition grounded in solid business experience, Deborah helps individuals and organizations reach beyond the ordinary to embrace their talents and differences, and thus achieve their highest potential as innovative leaders and teams.

She also enjoys helping with challenges in:

  • Organizational Design & Development, & Corporate Destiny

  • Strategic Marketing, Operations, & Proposal and Project Management

  • Diversity, Inclusivity, & Talent Development, including harnessing the Creativity and Innovation of Business Artists™

  • Expatriation, Repatriation & Cross-Cultural Understanding

She is particularly interested in working with CEOs to help them have the sorts of deeper-level conversations that pressures of time, access, and confidentiality often make it difficult for them to have.  Believing that strong leaders need (and deserve) strong followers, she often serves as helpmeet, brainstorming partner, and sounding board to senior-level international business people.

Deborah offers highly experiential work – including exercises drawn from the acting and dance arenas – to inspire business leaders to take the innovative steps that will resolve the challenges they face.  Having learned first-hand the value of having wise partners on one’s journey, she is energized by helping individuals and companies develop the distinctive gifts that make their organization financially viable, and the world at large a better place.

Deborah works individually and co-actively to provide global business leaders and organizations with:

  • Individual and team programs, in-house and off-site, customized and pre-packaged

  • Coaching, mentoring, and facilitation – both face-to-face and virtually – for heightened awareness, improved effectiveness, and greater impact

  • Problem solving for results, drawing from cutting-edge insights

Organizational clients have included the University of Wales, Ashridge, and the Society for Organisational Learning, as well as individual mid- and senior-level private clients from companies such as Apple Computer, London School of Economics, and General Dynamics.  This diverse clientele have been native to countries around the globe, including China, Japan, Korea, Israel, England, Sweden, Trinidad, Ghana, Canada, and the United States, and from consumer as well as business-to-business industries, the sciences, and the arts.

An avid traveler, Deborah has worked with organizations large and small throughout Europe, the US, and into the Middle East and South Africa.  Prior to her current role, she worked in the transportation, publishing, manufacturing, and high-tech industries, where she filled numerous roles from hands-on mechanic to strategy and oversight as European Marketing Manager. She holds a BA in Comparative Literature Honors, and two coaching certifications (CPCC and PCC – professional certified coach) both recognized by the International Coach Federation.

A writer, Deborah wrote a newsletter for many years, which can be found at at the Resources tab. She has discussed a wide range of non-mainstream business-related topics, from issues around Sustainability, Giftedness in Adults, and High Sensitivity, to what it is to be a Business Artist™ and how best to work with them.