CDLMGB's Value Proposition

At the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business (CDLMGB) our Faculty of expert authorities assists clients achieve responsible business and organisational solutions in collaborative and developmental partnership with stakeholder communities.


We recognise the broad range of available resources, competence, political, legal, and social structures impacting clients and solutions globally.  As educators and consultants we recognise the complex contexts of clients and partners and we operate with principled pragmatism to build focused practical, sustainable, successful outcomes for all organisations and stakeholder communities impacted by our services.


We seek to ensure:


  • Successful inclusive best practice business models recognising diversity and sustainability

  • Leading with the highest intellectual, analytical and moral integrity

  • Honest and transparent communication

  • Professional development and personal growth

  • Inclusive open trusting cultures

  • Social entrepreneurship and cooperation

  • Enhanced Human Rights and Environmental balance

  • Partnering  with for-profits, NGOs and not-for-profits in addressing regional   issues/challenges

  • Clients encouraged “to be the best that they can be”

  • Learning is achieved “by doing”

  • Surprise is considered normal  

Our cohort of expert associates not only exhibit commanding expertise in their diverse professional and academic disciplines but see the Center’s core values and principles as a fieldwork benchmark code of practice for their collaboration on projects. Further, as a Center, we are keen to learn and continuously improve services. Thus we actively seek feedback from each of our Associates and from our client and community stakeholders.