Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business (CDLMGB)


Organizations and leaders are facing unprecedented demands that they be successful in their given niches whilst operating in contexts of increasing dynamic complexity under ever increasing constraints.  Leaders must not only act but also reflect under ever-tightening time-constraints, often with finite or diminishing resources, and with multiple stakeholders’ demanding greater collaboration. “Business as usual” is not a viable option today, and learning from past experience is necessary but insufficient to meet the burgeoning demands facing leaders across all global business, governmental, NGO or non-profit sectors.

Our brightest and best leaders are not superheroes, born with all the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed against the odds in uncertain current and future global business contexts. Help is needed to enable leaders to gain an expert advantage that will assist them in meeting current and future challenges whilst under such intensive and escalating pressure. That is why the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business with its faculty team of expert global associates has been established under the auspices of the Leadership Alliance Inc.

We recognize that leaders are often time-poor and many may also suffer limitations in the personal and professional resources available to them in their organization currently. The Center offers a number of cost-effective, readily accessible, web-based opportunities for continuous updating, learning for individuals and organizations as well as face-to-face coaching, mentoring and other forms of problem-solving and consulting activities.

At the center we also recognize that action research and action learning give leaders and organizations immediate learning gains that are applicable, relevant, cost-efficient and timely. Our expert faculty is well-versed in the concepts and methods of action research and action learning and they bring real-world business acumen and leadership experience drawn from their diverse professions and geographic regions.

Planned Web-based and Face-to-Face Offerings for Release August 2013

  • FREE 45-mINUTE WEBINAR presented by the authors focusing on their book “Dynamic Leadership Models for Global Business: Enhancing Digitally Connected Environments” published by IGI Global January 2013.

    • Who will benefit? Current and aspiring leaders, managers, upper level students and interested lay people

    • Why? Organizations must change or die and what’s more they must continuously reinvent themselves to address the constantly shifting unpredictable opportunities and constraints they face. Therefore, new dynamic leadership models must also emerge to keep pace with the challenges in the global business environment.

    • What does it cover? This webinar familiarizes participants with the authors’ approach to 21st Century leadership and explores the most critical global elements contributing to the complexity leaders face, as well as practical means for leaders to successfully  address them. Emerging trends are outlined, and the authors’ perspectives on these new organizational contexts are discussed with reference to the book. A relevant organizational scenario will be highlighted followed by concluding remarks and opportunities to pose questions.

    • How to inquire about or to book your place? Prior to availability of formal protocols in August 2013, please inquire or confirm your interest via email to or

  • By arrangement, one-to-one or one-to-many web-based or in-person educational, coaching, or consulting sessions. Please contact the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in  Global Business for details

Planned Web-based and Face-to-Face Offerings for Release Q3 - Q4 2013

  • One-day leadership development seminars/group workshops

  •  Specific offerings functional groups or technological workshops

  •  Project based workshops and mentoring/advisory sessions

  •  Individualized personal development program planning

  • Academic-style certificated course

  •  One-to-one or one-to-many web-based or in-person consulting sessions

Please contact the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business for details of forthcoming Q3 - Q4 2013 offerings