Products & Services


 TLA provides a very broad range of routine services and products as well as initiatives  newly  designed or tailored to specific client requirements. Routine  services and products:

In 2012, TLA Associates Peter A.C. Smith and Dr. Tom Cockburn founded the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business based on their book "Dynamic Leadership Models for Global Business: Enhancing Digitally Connected Environments" - please see the above links for details.

In the current challenging complex environments, TLA is exploring with clients in public, private, national, and international organizations, opportunities for application of their new process “Designing Policies for Action in Complex Multi-Stakeholder Situations”. This approach is particularly well suited to the design and implementation of a new business plan where "business as usual" is no longer an option, or in development of organizational  tbl sustainability.   

Some major themes for  client assignments, presentations, workshops and research include: leadership; strategy; sustainability; interactive planning; teamwork; knowledge management; knowledge sharing; organizational learning; entrepreneurship and innovation; change management; complex networks; social capital and networking; network visualization & analysis; social network analysis; social economy; dispute resolution; action learning

TLA has in-depth expertise in the design and implementation of Talent Management Systems (TMS), including addressing the emerging needs of a mixed Gen X and Millennium Generation workforce, and identifying and appropriately addressing the development and career needs of exceptional performers and expatriate personnel. Application of Network Visualization & Analysis (NVA) is often a  significant part of TMS activity when specific individuals or groups of interest across a community or organization must be identified e.g. authentic subject matter experts who must be identified and  retained during merger downsizing.

TLA's Staff Consultants and/or Associates also offer consulting and other services via web-conferencing to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce client costs.