Múltipla People and Organization Development


Múltipla is a consultancy with its headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, that works with innovative models, tailor made for each of its clients. In partnership spirit, it develops and carries out the implementation of projects in the areas of change management, intercultural management and conflict management, as well as projects with the scope of Concept Ideation in organizational development processes that require innovation and creativity. Múltipla’s  consultants are business and executives coaches with multidisciplinary training, corporate and academic experience.


Múltipla believes that people development in organizations must be integrated with the overall organizational strategy, following the premise that human capital shall be essential to an organization's strategy.


When People management is understood as such and placed at a high level, it enables the continuous development of an individual’s skills, creativity and overall potential. With this aim in mind, Múltipla adopts an approach that invites a re-enchantment with the work, stimulating the intelligence and valuing the quality of the connections one has in the organization.


Through its courses, workshops and consulting projects, Múltipla incorporates Art, Culture and Sports as languages ​​and sources for analogies. The consultancy stimulates the continuous search for different patterns to create scenarios, along with putting emphasis on the act of reflection, the break of established paradigms and the learning based on experience. With this concept, Múltipla intends to contribute to the building of a society and economy which are global, sustainable and based on knowledge.


Múltipla has a reciprocal Associate agreement with TLA that amplifies the capabilities of both oorganizations to represent each other in appropriate markets and to address and satisfy client needs.


Múltipla consists of a core of consultants, offering their services to the public and private sectors in Latin America, Africa, Europe, China and North America:


Eva Tesch: degree in Psychology and in Sports, master in Sports Management and training in Psychodrama. Business and executive coach, has expertise in leading groups.


Marcia Ricardino: degree in English and Portuguese Language and Literature; degree in Education; postgraduate in Dynamic of Groups. Business and executive coach and organizational consultant with expertise in leading groups.


Rafael Guanaes: degree in Architecture and Urbanism; postgraduate in History of the Museums of Art, specialist in Chinese Art and Culture. Business and executive coach; art, creativity and innovation consultant.


Rosane Schikmann: degree in Biological Sciences; master, professor and expert in Business Administration. Business and executive coach, organizational consultant and moderator of group discussion.


Suzana Bandeira: degree in Architecture and Urbanism; master in Business Administration; specialist in Business with China (intercultural management and supply chain); Business and executive coach.