Sustainable Organizations

An organization achieves sustainability by; 

  • becoming commercially viable and profitable via a Right to Market (R2M) strategy, which involves introducing the right products and/or services at the right time in the right contexts with the right supply chains, and then continually updating, optimising, and retiring them as necessary.

An organization achieves Triple Bottom Line Sustainability by: 

  • designing and achieving a Right for Market (R4M) strategy, where an organization successfully adopts an  R2M strategy in such a way that it does not negatively impact relevant ecological and/or social systems.

In today’s complex and dynamic environments, IP/S (combined Interactive Planning and Syntegration) is invaluable in ensuring full stakeholder participation and commitment. Leadership, sustainable corporate entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities allied with environmental and social concerns are also clearly critical pre-requisites for successfully achieving R2M, R4M and long-term sustainability.

When an organization is attempting to solve the difficult problems associated with Triple Bottom Line Organizational Sustainability, TLA's Staff Consultants and  Associates have the knowledge and expertise to contribute the necessary theoretical and practical insights that help ensure a client's  success. Emphasis is placed on the essential role that IP/S plays in providing a framework for the sustainable processes required for an organization's innovative capacity to be maintained and for environmental and social factors to be addressed by all the stakeholders.

In addition, TLA helps clients understand that a form of Communities of Practice, called Communities of Innovation (CoInv), are the best foundation for the organization-wide innovation that is critical for development of Triple Bottom Line Sustainability, and that identification of innovation champions and their influence networks are very important since CoInv thrive best when they originate from innovation champions and their networks. TLA’s fast and effective methodology (based on Network Visualization & Analysis) can be readily applied to identify entrepreneurs and innovation champions; to plan and implement the necessary entrepreneurial processes; and to develop CoInv. This enables an organization to quickly achieve a systemic broad-based practical “right for market” strategy grounded in sound theoretical and practical ideas for sustainability.