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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Volume 6, 2005

An Awareness Provisioning Methodology For Asynchronous Virtual Global Forums, Farhad Daneshgar, Elijah van der Kwast, January 2005

Knowledge Management And The Nonprofit Industry: A Within And Between Approach, Tracy A. Hurley, Carolyn W. Green, January 2005

Adoption of Customer Relationship Management(CRM)Solutions as an Effective Knowledge Management(KM)Tool: A Systems Value Diagnostic, Andrew L.S. Goh, February 2005

The Role of Training and Development in Using Knowledge Networks to Build Intellectual Capital, Kathy Napierala, Loren Weiss Selig, Zane Berge, March 2005

Facilitating Knowledge Sharing Through Lessons Learned System, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad Sharif, Nor Hidayati Zakaria, Lim Shu Ching, Low Soh Fung, March 2005

A Framework For Knowledge Management System Implementation In Collaborative Environment For Higher Learning Institution, Rusli Abdullah, Mohd Hasan Selamat, Shamsul Sahibudin, Rose Alinda Alias, March 2005

Knowledge Continuity Management In Healthcare, Lori J. Morgan, Michael E. Doyle, James A. Albers, April 2005

Exploring Failure Factors Of Implementing Knowledge Management Systems In Organizations, Peyman Akhavan, Mostafa Jafari, Mohammad Fathian, May 2005

360 Degree Knowledge Management, Arun Hariharan, May 2005

The Knowledge Network: A Fundamentally New (Relational) Approach To Knowledge Management & The Study Of Dependent Organizations, Eugen G. Kowch, June 2005

Knowledge Management At Bharti Tele-Ventures – A Case Study, Arun Hariharan, June 2005

A Model Of EGovernance Based On Knowledge Management, Paul Manuel, June 2005

Critical Factors In The Successful Implementation Of Knowledge Management, CHONG Siong Choy, CHOI Yong Suk, June 2005

ERP II: Harnessing ERP Systems with Knowledge Management Capabilities, Mohamed Mirghani, Adam Fadlalla, June 2005

Preliminary Study: Knowledge Management (KM) Practices In The Small Medium Software Companies, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad Sharif, Nor Hidayati Zakaria, Nazmona Mat Ali, Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan, August 2005

A Multidimensional Model To Map Knowledge, Luis Alberto Casillas-Santillan, August 2005

Notes Re: Personal Knowledge Formalization And Modeling, Lev Romanov, August 2005

A Generic Model Of Corporate Memory: Application To Industrial Systems, Lotfi Admane, August 2005

A Methodology For Developing Viable And Cost Effective Customer Relationship Management Systems, Cyrus Azani, Reza Khorramshahgol, August 2005

Systematic Knowledge Auditing With Applications, Cheung Chi Fai, Ko Kam Chin, Chu Ka Fu, Lee Wing Bun, August 2005

Emerging Management Support Systems Models For Global Managers In The New Economy, Stafford Cuffe, October 2005

A Reflective Practitioner’s Confessional Account Of Developing A Knowledge Inventory: A Grounded Methodology, Paul Jackson, October 2005

BOOK REVIEW: The Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management, Reviewed By: Peter Smith, October 2005

Understanding The State Of Knowledge Management With Ontologies: The Case Of The Canadian Military, Marlène Gauvin, Marie-Christine Roy, Yaïves Ferland, Régine Lecocq, December 2005

Economic Culture Impacts On Knowledge Flows And Knowledge Sharing Within Selected EU Countries, Rune Gulev, December 2005

Knowledge Sharing Practices In KM:A Case Study In Indian Software Subsidiary, Sachin Bhirud, Lewlyn Rodrigues, Pradeep Desai, December 2005

Managers’ Perceptions Of The Value Of Knowledge Management In Small And Medium Sized Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises (SMEs), Miguel Baptista Nunes, Fenio Ananasingh, Barry Eaglestone, Richard Wakefield, December 2005

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