Achieving Market Dominance through Targeted Innovation

Program overview

A compelling two-day workshop that generates a positive impact on individual and organizational performance.  Market dominance and organizational sustainability can only be achieved by mastering the capability of Right for Market (R4M).  The challenge of R4M is to continually introduce sought-after products and services at the right time and price into appropriate markets, supported by suitable supply chains. It demands the product portfolio be maintained with products and services updated, optimised, and retired as necessary.  All this is to be achieved without negatively impacting ecological or social systems!

"Entrepreneurship" drives attractive business opportunities, and "innovation" delivers the relevant practical solutions.   These two organizational competencies underpin R4M capability. So if  your organization is having trouble living up to its R4M potential it is likely that you haven’t yet got these competencies right.   This workshop offers the chance to significantly change things for the better!

The insights provided in this workshop will enable an organization to plan and adopt a systemic broad-based “Right for Market” strategy and implementation, robust with respect to emerging globalization complexities, and strongly grounded in sound theoretical ideas, that ensure its current and in particular its future innovations are focused, agile, timely, and R4M significant.


Through highly participative, no-nonsense sessions participants gain a deep understanding of the complexities of entrepreneurship and innovation, and sort out fact from fiction. The concept of entrepreneurship as the most critical aspect of R4M is established, including the role of the entrepreneur in developing knowledge-sharing networks where entrepreneurship and innovation are incubated and R4M implementation best facilitated. Participants learn also how this approach not only develops innovative products and services but also enriches critical supply chain refurbishment.

Contemporary ‘Communities of Practice’ called ‘Communities of Innovation’ (CoInv) are explored, looking at how they support sustainable innovation and enhance R4M capability. ‘Innovation champions’ are the individuals who have the characteristics and motivation to act as the foundation for CoInv networks and the use of network visualisation to identify these champions is explained.

Opportunities are provided throughout the workshop for participants to reflect on the practical implications of the workshop on their organizations, and to plan the next steps for their organizations that will support the development of R4M strategies focused on sustainability and market dominance.

Who’s it for?

  • Directors and senior managers with responsibility for market strategy or organizational sustainability
  • Managers responsible for practical R&D implementation
  • Individuals whose roles include entrepreneurship or innovation whether practitioners or academics


  • Insight into the latest thinking on entrepreneurship, innovation, and Right for Market (R4M), and the structure and significance of Communities of Innovation (CoInv)
  • Practical application of your workshop learning, including  plans for further action within your own organization

For further information please contact:The Leadership Alliance