TLA's Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business was founded in 2012 by TLA Associates Peter A.C. Smith and Dr. Tom Cockburn based on work set out in their two books

  1. "Dynamic Leadership Models for Global Business: Enhancing Digitally Connected Environments", published by IGI Global, 2013.  
  2. Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Leadership in Global Business" published by IGI-Global 2014

The Center addresses shortcomings identified in current leadership development efforts and in consequent leadership capabilities, and focuses exclusively on how to become an outstanding leader in today’s complex digitally-connected global business environments where surprise is the norm.

A curriculum and portfolio of services have been developed based on extensive research and practice that represent the spectrum of topics with which a 21st Century leader must not only be familiar but must also be capable of integrating in systemic fashion to provide a seamless vision and first steps on a path toward it. In delivering the curriculum and services according to its Value Proposition, the Center utilizes a faculty of international authorities in the various critical disciplines.

Where appropriate web-conferencing or other web-based e-learning technology is employed to reduce the Center's carbon foot-print.


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