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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2010

Towards A Global Labour Market In A Knowledge-Dominated Economy, Haris Papoutsakis

Knowledge Sharing in SMEs: A Comparison of Two Case Study Organisations, Jonathan Staplehurst, Gillian Ragsdell

Implementation Of Knowledge Management In Small And Medium Enterprises, Mobashar Rehman, Ahmad Kamil B Mahmood, Savita K Sugathan, Aamir Amin

Knowledge Management For Open Innovation: Collaborative Mapping Of Needs And Competencies, Augusta Maria Paci, Cecilia Lalle, Maria Stella Chiacchio

Using A Taxonomy For Knowledge Audits: Some Field Experiences, Ravi S. Sharma, Melvyn Chia, Vironica Choo, Eyosore Samuel

The Impact Of Intellectual Capital On Business Performance In Taiwanese Design Industry, Cheng-Ping Shih, Wen-Chih Chen, Melton Morrison

Knowledge Management in the Brazilian Ceramic Tile Industry & New Challenges Of Competition in the Global Value Chain, Renato Garcia, Gabriela Scur

Empathy And Tacit Knowledge Within The Framework Of Knowledge Management, Roger Fontana

Mapping Knowledge Into A Database Model, Emile Segev

Internationalisation Of Chinese Higher Education: Application Of Knowledge Management To Analysis Of Tsinghua University. Ping Kuang, Ian Marshall

The Web As Medium For Communicating Research Works From African Universities: Case Study Of A Nigerian University, O.V. Mejabi, A.O. Babatunde

Using Stories To Share Knowledge: A Malaysian Organization Case Study, Khairul Shafee B Kalid, Ahmad Kamil B Mahmood

Determining Good Practice For BCG Therapy Of Urinary Tract Cancer By Using A Knowledge Model, Sachiko Iwai, Fukuya Ishino

Measuring The ICT Maturity Of SMEs, Quoc Trung Pham

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