Building and Leading Sustainable Organizations

Using the "The Sustainability Score Card"

Programme overview

A sustainable organization is one that can hold the "creative tension" between short-term objectives and long-term viability for the growth and health of all of its employees, customers, stakeholders, and community.  To have this kind of perspective, organizations will need leaders who understand not only markets and innovation, but also the Sustainability Score Card™, its related cultural and organizational imperatives, and transitional learning that moves an organization to higher-scoring sustainability levels.


  • Evaluation of participants' organizations on the Sustainability Score Card™

  • The organizational impact of Gen X and Millennial generations in the workforce

  • Leadership and management characteristics that build a sustainable organization

  • A systemic approach for an organization to attain higher-scoring sustainability levels

  • Cultivating complex adaptive systems aligned with the traditional management hierarchy for long term stability

  • Linking to policies and practices in organizations

  • Involvement of participants in experiential, hands-on applications from their own organizations of these areas of focus. Interwoven into each topic will be opportunity for a dialogue on key practices, and emergent learning and reflection.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who considers themselves to be a leader in their organization, whether it be not-for-profit or corporate.


  • Insight into the latest thinking on Sustainability and the Sustainability Score Card

  • Practical application of your workshop learning, including  plans for further action within your own organisation

For further information please contact: The Leadership Alliance