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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

ISSN 1705-9232

In The Knowledge Garden: Volume 5, 2004

Knowledge Management: People Are Important! Peter Smith, Moira McLaughlin, January 2004

Systemic Knowledge Management: Developing A Model For Managing Organisational Assets For Strategic and Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Asad Ghalib, January 2004

Knowledge Management In Self-Organizing Systems, Christian Fuchs, May 2004

A Knowledge Web Portal For Teacher Professional Development And Dissemination Of Research Into Pedagogy And Practice, Muthu Kumar, J.G. Hedberg, May 2004

Design Error Classification And Knowledge Management, Lawrence Chao, May 2004

Knowledge Management Perception Of Managers, Murat Gumus, Bahattin Hamarat, May 2004

Knowledge, Entertainment, Networking, Kunal Sinha, May 2004

Managing Knowledge Effectively, Fareed Hussain, May 2004

An Ontology Based Knowledge Model For Software Experience Management, Abdulmajid Mohame, Sai Peck Lee, Siti Salwah Salilm, May 2004

Building A Knowledge Model: A Decision-Making Approach, Sung-kwan Kim, Sengbae Lim, Robert B. Mitchell, August 2004

The Business Case For Knowledge Management, Eugene F. Yelden, James A. Albers, August 2004

Analysis Of Knowledge Management Initiatives: A Perspective From Two Firms, Luis Rabelo, August 2004

The Relationship Between Social Interaction And Knowledge Management System Success, Anthony J. Delmonte, Jay E. Aronson, August 2004

Assessing Customer Relationship Management Strategies For Creating Competitive Advantage In Electronic Business, Colin Comb, August 2004

Enhancing Organizational Performance Through Knowledge Management: A Proposed Strategic Management Framework, Andrew Goh, October 2004

Developing Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions Based On The Unique Social And Knowledge Character Of Organizations, Anitha Srinivasan, Barry Horowitz, October 2004

Use Of Simulation To Evaluate Knowledge Management Modeling Quality, Anitha Srinivasan, Barry Horowitz, October 2004

System Dynamics Of Human Resource And Knowledge Management In Engineering Education, Lewlyn L. R. Rodrigues, Marvin Savio Martis, October 2004

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